Thursday, July 1, 2010

Cinema Saturday: State Fair

Spiritual Language
To create the future we desire we need a spiritual language; we must speak from the heart and in the language of the soul - a language of trust, faith and higher values, of inner growth, love and listening.
Thought for Today

Happy Wednesday!
It is such a change, our youngest boy lost his first tooth, and the next day one more. He was so happy that the tooth-fairy came with $1,-- for each tooth!
Very strange, one tooth above and one down. Usually it is 2 above and 2 down right?
It is very Summery here in the Midwest. The days are filled with: Tennis, swimming and more swimming:)) But tomorrow we will enjoy Brazil & The Orange ~ Team!!! We love soccer here, and we love both group... see who will be the winner and who will cry:(( lol.

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Sankari & Brooke you both are truly amazing, both have add so much to my life... Thank you so much ... I do have something for you both... soon! O and Brooke your card is finally on your way!!! I'm such a late poster:( Better later then never right:))
I love all the CS-Card~creators each time so creative.. nice to meet all of through you my Cinema Saturday!! You Rock!

Okay now back to creations:
here it is:
Remember the bear? When you play a game, you win one, but first you have to win the game:))

The bear:
How it is made:
~Card stock
~Bear stencil

Hope you love it, and thank you so so much for stopping by.

~Radha _/\_

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