Saturday, January 30, 2010


Today's creation:

Closer look:

All in one:

My Sweet doll loves it!


Radha said...

So sorry for all the blah blah:))

It was a transforming thing-ie
unliking a movie into liking... :))

scrapperjulia said...

What a wonderful idea! This is a great project! Kudos to you for making such a beautiful card and box by looking to the things that you like about this movie (I don't like that Jack dies either!)

Nancy K said...

Great projects Radha -love your take on the necklace, especially how you attached it to a card! I admire how you were able to take a movie that was hard for you to watch and take the good things from it and make beautiful gifts, that sounds like something Rose would have done!
Also, I've had that great Celine song stuck in my head all week -walking around singing it for days. LOL!

Smita said...

Lovely card, Radha. And so much thought into the theme ;-) Beautiful diamond :-)


Jen Tapler said...

WOW!!!!!!!!! GORGEOUS gorgeous gorgeous - ALL of it - the card, the necklace, the beautiful girl!!

Jen Tapler said...

By the way, I felt the SAME way about that movie. I watched that WHOLE stupid thing and got to the end was like "WHAT??? he DIES? this movie totally sucks". LOL.

Radha said...


But I love the movie now ... after all :))

Sankari W. said...

Beautiful card Radha Didi!!! LOVE the picture of your gorgeous Narayani! I ADORE the way the necklace comes off and you are so right that this movie is definitely hard to watch and you did such an amazing job creating this card!!! Thank you so much for playing along Didi!!!
Big hugs!
Sankari :)